Put On Your Cool Face (beatings) wrote,

programmatic drums

Drums! They're tedious to program, and difficult to mix well.

It is 2012. Why am I still mucking around with brick-by-brick musical assembly? Can I write software to generate sweet drums, with some semblance of human expression? One hour later, a few timbres have emerged:

Fractal Drum Test by Too Many Moths

Each individual hit requires several minutes of processing time, but that's OK! I am rendering the best drums in the world, you see. I'm drawing on Wikipedia's list of fractals for algorithmic inspiration.

Approximate list of goals:
  • Kick sounds
  • Snare sounds
  • "Shooping" hihats
  • Weird drums from alien worlds
  • Jam on predefined grooves, with some humanoid expression / subtle timing mutations. The machine will render an entire song whilst I slumber.
  • Export each "instrument" as a separate audio layer, with click tracks to aid with mastering in a DAW

Seriously, why have I never tried drums + code before?? Music is suddenly interesting again...
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